NeoFPS - A powerful FPS controller and framework for the Unity game engine

NeoFPS is a first person shooter controller and toolkit asset for the Unity game engine. Its goal is to enable you to create an FPS that matches your vision without restrictions. The systems have been designed to be flexible and extendable, making NeoFPS the perfect starting point for your game.

Detailed Features

  • Craft complex FPS movement in an intuitive editor
  • Parkour features and demo with wall running, crouch slides, mantling
  • Swimming, including moving water and wading
  • Attach behaviours to motion graph states for a wide variety of effects
  • Graph properties allow communication between the motion graph and scripts
  • A wide variety of conditions
  • Add your own states, behvaiours and conditions to extend the graph’s functionality
  • Input system independent
  • Swappable data sources and types (speed, jump height, etc)
  • Build complex firearms from simple modules (trigger, shooter, reloader, ammo, aimer, shell ejector, effects)
  • Modules can be swapped at run-time
  • Interacts with the animation system
  • Flexible accuracy & recoil system
  • Inventory based ammo to share between weapons
  • Pickups and weapon drops
  • A variety of demo firearms are included
  • Additive spring, shake and motion effects
  • Rotations constraints
  • Mouse smoothing and acceleration
  • Collide and slide collision detection and response
  • Moving platforms (supports complex rotations)
  • Slope speed curves
  • Arbitrary up-vector and gravity
  • Simple step handling
  • Slope and edge friction settings
  • Crouch jumping
  • Primary and secondary keys
  • Gamepad profiles
  • Full keybinding menu
  • Extend with your own input mappings

Examples included

  • Quick-slots
  • Multiple styles emulating popular first person shooters such as Doom, Half-Life 2 and Halo
  • Contact and interactive pickups
  • Stacked objects (eg. ammo and grenades)
  • Location based damage and critical hits
  • Friendly fire
  • Damage layers and filters
  • Physics based & impact damage
  • Pushback (eg. shotguns & explosions)
  • Explosive damage
  • Bullet hit feedback
  • Health manager
  • Instant use or hold to use
  • Interaction events
  • Highlighting and aim-over
  • Demos including doors and pickups
  • Menus & Popups (info, alerts)
  • Firearm info (ammo, magazine, fire mode)
  • Health and damage
  • Reactive crosshairs
  • Inventory quick-slots
  • Firing range
  • Feature demos
  • “Facility” work in progress demo scene
  • Animated weapon models
  • Custom recorded and edited sound effects
  • Demo menu system
  • Text file based for easy player editing
  • Menu integration and examples
  • Events for setting changes
  • Input bindings
  • Graphics, audio, input and gameplay settings
  • Emerald AI 2.3
  • Inventory Pro coming soon
  • Visit GitHub for the latest integration repos
  • Comprehensive and customisable save games system
  • Quick-saves, auto-saves, manual hard saves
  • Full game state down to bullets in flight
  • Persist data like health and inventory across scene changes
  • Screenshots on save
  • Save browser in game
  • Custom binary serializer
  • Save file inspector
  • Fully customisable – save as much or as little as you want
  • Seamless in-game saves
  • Overrides for different save modes

Check the roadmap to see what features are coming soon.


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